Sunday, January 1, 2023

2023 Four Moon Reading Challenge

Hi everyone, I know it's late but I was finally able to post my 2023 Four Moon Reading Challenge!!! Here are the prompts and the links for Storygraph and Goodreads!



1. A book about/involving mental health

2. A book involving magic

3. A book involving the road not taken (this can be a book character thinking about or reliving a what if situation OR a character Who lives a life you once considered living)

4. A book your favorite bookish social media personality loved in 2022.

5. A book with a candy related term in the title (sweet, sugar, sour, hard, chocolate etc.)

6. Grab a random book you've never heard of OR dont know what its about. You can grab it from a book store, a library or your bookshelf, or literally anywhere.

7. 2022 Repeat Prompt!! Read a book and write a review!!

8. A book with bones on the cover

9. A book with a Shadow or reflection on the cover

10. A book with a title that begins with a vowel

11. A book about a controversial topic

12. A book by a bipoc, lgbtq+, indie author

13. A book that has 290-300 pages

14. A book that reminds you of something else, anything about the book could remind you of literally anything. Ex. A books side character reminds you of someone you know or the shade of blue on a cover reminds you of the sky. Use your imagination and have fun

15. A book with a foot on the cover

16. A book you would consider trashy or a guilty pleasure

17. A book that was gifted or borrowed

18. A book with multiple POV

19. Pick One! A Sci-Fi or Horror book (you can pick a genre or a book that is both)

20. Pick One! A Fantasy or Romance (you can pick a genre or a book that is both)

21. Read two books that look alike - book 1

22. Read two books that look alike - book 2

23. The Next book in a series

24. A book that has a name in the title

25. A book with a title or cover that has something Ocean related (ex. sea, salt, fish, wet etc.)

26. 2022 Repeat Prompt!! A Retelling

27. A book that reminds you of a song

28. A book with your favorite trope or on your favorite topic

29. A book with a cover that makes you happy

30. Read a book and recreate the cover through any art form you like

Thank you for much for taking the time to check this out! Please let me know what reading challenges you will be participating in this year. If you decide to take part in this one and post about it on IG please use the hashtag fourmoonreadingchallenge so I can show your posts some love! 


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