Monday, April 29, 2019

The Discovery of Troy and its Lost History by Bernard Jones Review

The Discovery of Troy and Its Lost History
By Bernard Jones


I received a free ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

This Discovery of Troy and Its Lost History is a book that takes us back to ancient times to locate the actual location of Troy and the Trojan War. Compiled of over 30 years of research and dedication, this text seeks to provide evidence of the true location of Troy and the Trojan War. Using ancient texts, such as Homer's Iliad, as a guideline Jones takes us back to the Bronze Age to decipher the clues recorded in what has now been realized as a historical record. Jones takes information on landscapes and climates to piece together the actual voyage to Troy. He also uses astrological clues in his search to further confirm the voyage.

The visuals Jones uses throughout the text help create a visual of life back in the Bronze Age. Included in the visuals are photos of places that were believed to have been part of the journey to Troy. Also included in the visuals are maps and diagrams that allow the reader to easier understand the information of the text.

I was able to learn so much from this book. In the text Jones uses a variety of different forms of communication that allowed the information in the text to be followed and understood easier. There were a lot of interesting facts within the book, some of which were quite surprising. I really enjoyed how Jones was able to add in the myths and legends from that time period to further express what he has1 learned.

The text itself was well written and easy to understand. I recommend this text to anyone who is interested in learning more about Trojan History or anyone who has an interest in history in general.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

New Girl by A. Fae Review

New Girl
By A. Fae


I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

As the story begins, Meg has just arrived in a new town ready to start a new year of college. Her first line of action is to check out the rumored hotspot, the Sweet Spot, and begin her search for a roommate. After chatting up the barista and making a phone call in response to a roommate ad, Meg decides to attend karaoke night at the Sweet Spot so she can really check out the place and the people. She ends up meeting Lys, a super sexy lesbian who is attracted to Meg immediately. They end up having a quick bonk in the bathroom and going their separate ways, however, this was not to be their last meeting. It turns out the roommate ad Meg responded to was posted by Lys, so now what?

I really liked the character Meg. While she didn't always make the best decisions, I loved how she was down-to-earth and confident. She was a bigger sized woman who knew it and while she still had her reserves, she wasn't afraid to put herself out there. What I didn't like about Meg was she seemed to care little about how her actions affect other people. I won't give examples as it would cause spoilers in the book. While I don't agree with what she did I still cant hate her.

I really enjoyed this book, even though it was a lot shorter than I expected. I thought the author was able to actually tell the story well in such a short time without making it seem choppy and rushed.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick casual read. There are some sex scenes so the reader should be comfortable with that as well. I will definitely be reading the second book as this one left a few questions to be answered.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Unbroken by Brooklyn Ray Review

by Brooklyn Ray


I was given a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

WARNING: This book contains sexual content, rape, abuse and mature subject content.

Michael Gates is finally settling down and going off to college with his sister Janice, or at least he's supposed to be. Michael and Janice move to Port Lewis so they can begin this new part of their lives. Once they arrive at their new residence, it doesn't take long before a demon named Victor reveals himself to Michael. Things escalate quickly and the two begin to have an intense sexual relationship resulting in them developing feelings for each other. When secrets from their seperate pasts are revealed it seems to make their relationship stronger enabling them to take on whatever adventures the future holds, together.

I felt the author did an amazing job with the Michael character. It was amazing to watch him go through the stages of denial and finally acceptance of his past and what he wanted for his future. Victor was well written as well, it was good to see him written as an equal partner for Michael rather than a secondary character in Michael's story. I thought the relationship between Michael and Victor was, while usually hot and heavy, it was also sweet, intense, dramatic and realistic. The growth in the relationship between Michael and Victor was apparent and beautiful in it's own way. I found myself rooting for them very early on and was very excited to find out they would be staying together.

I would recommend this book for an older audience, 18+. Also, to people who enjoy human and monster intercourse, paranormal romance, and people who are not disturbed by occult practices.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

My Top 3 "Stories Worth Telling" Picks

My Top 3
"Stories Worth Telling"

Have you ever had a book that just stuck with you for whatever reason? Maybe it shocked you so hard you'll never forget it, or maybe it just got you right in the feels. I've definitely had those books that took me on a journey I never expected to go on. So today I'm giving you a list of My Top 3 "Stories Worth Telling" Picks. Enjoy!

Luna by Julie Anne Peter's 

Luna is the story of Liam, a MTF transgender teen who hates that she was born with male parts. In this book we see Liam deal with isolation and rejection from family and peers. We see all her trials and hard decisions she has to make before finally becoming the girl she always felt she was meant to be. Told through the eyes of his sister Regan, Luna is a truly touching story that, I believe, needs to be put out there. It's been years sense I read this and parts of it still rip at my heart strings. There is nothing graphic or disturbing in this book that would make it for an older audience and it is a great eye opener.  I recommend this book to everyone.

Hate List by Jennifer Brown

Valerie Leftman made a list with her boyfriend Nick. It was list of all the people they hated in their school, people they couldn't wait to get away from, but it was supposed to be just a list. Until Nick brings a gun to school and uses the individuals on the list as his targets. When Valerie accidentally shot trying to stop him, Nick turns the gun on himself and commits suicide. Despite saving the life of one of her classmates, Valerie must still accept her role in what happened with the list she helped create. Now, after months away she must return to school and face the aftermath of the shooting and accept the role she played in it. 

Jumping Off Swings by Jo Knowles 

Teen pregnancy is a hard issue to face. As a teen parent myself, I found this book really spoke to me and once I opened it, I didnt close it until it was finished. 

Jumping Off Swings is the story of Ellie, Josh and their one night fling that ended with a pregnancy. Ellie just wanted to feel accepted and loved, something very common in young ladies, and these boys made her feel that even if it was only for a short time. While the main focus is on Ellie and how she makes the very difficult decision on what to do regarding her pregnancy, you do get to see the perspectives of Josh, and the two friends the young parents-to-be tell about their situation. I think this book shows how hard a situation like this can be. The choices Ellie has to make are real, and I think it's important for teens to have access to this type of literature, if only to get a sense of how difficult the situation can really be. I recommend this book to teens ages 13+.

These were my top picks from books I have read and gotten the major feels from. Comment down below your top picks for "Stories Worth Telling" out of books you've read.

Monday, April 15, 2019

A Medium's Birthday Surprise by Chariss K. Walker Review

A Medium's Birthday Surprise
By Chariss K. Walker

3/5 Stars 

I received a free copy of this book via in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are by own. 

Becky Tibbs is a sweet girl who discovered her abilities to communicate with the dead when her parents died. Her siblings, Barbara and Bobby, also obtained the ability to communicate with the dead but chose to try and drown it out rather than deal with it. Becky, however, chooses to use her abilities to help those who have passed but are prevented from crossing over. 

On the morning of her 26th birthday Becky Tibbs had planned a normal birthday celebration. Just a barbeque with her siblings, oh and the ghosts. She had expected visits from certain ghosts such as her parents and a few regulars in her life. What Becky didn't expect was for Josh, her long-lost boyfriend, to show up 10 years after his death. When Josh shows up he is angry, confused and doesn't know he is dead. Becky decides she has to help him come to terms with whatever happened to him, despite the danger he brings with him. 

The characters were OK. They weren't bad or poorly written, just slightly underdeveloped. I found them to be  underwhelming. Any changes the characters made seemed to have happened almost too quickly. For example, when Bobby decides to move away and start over. It's a change he considers before passing out drunk and then it becomes final when he wakes up. There were no hints, that I saw, of him making such a drastic change from avoiding his medium abilities. I felt they would have been more relatable had the changes been a bit more gradual. 

I felt this book was pretty good. I enjoyed reading it and found it left me feeling content. Parts of it seemed a bit rushed and smoothed over to me. At times it felt like I was reading a ghosts therapy session. Although, I guess in a way I was. It was an easy read, nothing serious or dramatic. I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a simple mystery. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Soulstealers by Jacqueline Rohrbach Review

The Soulstealers
by Jacqueline Rohrbach

4/5 Stars

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

The Soulstealers is about a young woman named Arnaka Skytree. She is the heir to a cult of druids, known as the Soulkeepers, who sacrifice peasant women from the below and keep their souls and obtain powerful magic. Arnaka becomes friends with 'Girl', the young girl whose soul Arnaka is destined to keep. After realizing Arnaka cannot save Girl, she vows to make her friend the last one to be sacrificed for the druids magic. After the ritual is complete, Arnaka sets to work on finding a way to stop the sacrifices from ever happening again. She befriends a servant girl named Nara, this gets Nara in trouble and deemed deviant and sentenced to the below. In an attempt to save her, Arnaka breaks Nara out of prison and leaps to the below with her friend. Once there the two must fight to survive and learn the truth of the history of the Soulkeepers. Together with new friends, they return to the home of the Soulkeepers and stop them once and for all fulfilling Arnaka's promise to Girl. 

I really liked Arnaka. At first she is shown as a strong courageous woman who has no fear and a free willed spirit. She comes off confident, capable, and unbreakable. Then we see her outside of her castle. Her weaknesses are shown and I felt like it made her so much more.. wonderful! I loved how she was ultimately portrayed as just a scared girl trying to keep her promise to her friend. I also found her relationship with Tamlin to be very sweet. The quirky nervousness she showed when first trying to win her was endearing. It really helped to her as a relatable, complex individual. Rohrbach did an amazing job with her character. 

I was hooked from the first page! The writing is engaging from the first paragraph to the last. Wonderfully written, I just cant say that enough. The characters are well developed with no two characters emitting the same energy. This book was on the darker side but I loved it! I thought the darkness of it really helped the storyline and added for the desperation of the situation and the characters. After all, if it wasn't dark and desperate than why fight so hard to change it? I would recommend this book for anyone 14+ who enjoys stories about heroes and magic. 

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Tunes of Lenore by J.T. Blossom Review

The Tunes of Lenore
By J.T. Blossom


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

Ella is a bright young lady who ends up going to boarding school while her parents handle their divorce. Jenny is a special dog, she was used in a science experiment to increase intelligence. When she was no longer of use to them the scientists wanted her put down, instead she was rescued by Ella's father and is now Ella's loving and faithful dog with special abilities. Lenore is Ella's magic fiddle that was passed down to her from her deceased grandfather. The boarding school, Wandering Pines, is very old fashioned and rustic despite the year being 2026. The students help do all the work that keeps the school running, such as; planting, maintaining, and picking the crops they use for food, chopping wood to get heat in the shower rooms, and taking care of the animals. Due to the nature of Wandering Pines, Ella is able to take Jenny with her. With Jenny and Lenore at her side, Ella is able to make new friends, complete a great (and gross) junior project and navigate her year in boarding school. 

I found the book to be a very relaxing read. It didn't have any major drama or heart pounding moments. It was simply nice and refreshing, not my normal read to say the least. The rustic picture that is painted of the school reminds me of camping, only with more textbooks and chores. There's something peaceful about the simplicity of it all and the minimal use of technology. I think the author did a great job writing it, the pictures chosen to represent Jenny's thoughts were great. I do recommend reading this book, especially if you are looking to just relax with a comfortable book. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi Volume I: Homecoming by Kelvyn Fernandes Review

The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi Volume I: Homecoming
By Kelvyn Fernandes


I won this book through a Member Giveaway via LibraryThing. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

The Many Adventures of Peter and Fi Volume 1: The Homecoming takes us on an adventure filled with lots of magic and weird creatures. We get to travel with our two fearless leaders as they fight battles and deal with evil people and creatures. With the help of some new friends, the pair is able to win many fierce battles and ultimately survive their trials so far. 

This book was very hard to get into despite it jumping right into the action with Peter and Fi on their first  adventure of the book. I was about halfway through before I actually got into the story. Unfortunately, I didn't stay interested for long. I found my interest kept flopping back and forth from extremely bored to very interested, spending more time on the bored side. The writing was descriptive, I didnt feel anything was out of place or seemed off. The characters were painted well and it felt like I got to know the characters really well over the course of the book. One thing I liked was how it would be describing normal fantastical adventures and BOOM! All of a sudden we would find ourselves in a gory scene that seemed to of come out of nowhere. While unexpected, they were well done and I found these to take place in the most interesting parts of the book. 

"An audible groan escaped from the man as his blood began to pour through the spout and fill Peter’s teacup."

See? Totally random and creepy right?

So what's wrong with this book? I can't pinpoint why I was not able to just lose myself in it. I can't tell you exactly what it was that made me not enjoy it. As this is the second "fantasy adventure" book I have read this year and not enjoyed (without obvious reason), I believe it has more to do with personal growth than the actual book. A few years ago I think I would of really enjoyed it. I would recommend this book for people who want to experience adventure during storytime. There is a lot of it in here and for the right person it would definitely be worth their time. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Daddy Dragon Saves The Day by Marie Blair

Daddy Dragon Saves The Day
By Marie Blair

5/5 stars

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own. 

In this sweet little tale, daddy dragon is home with his three little dragons for the day. The three little dragons are quite the handful which leads daddy dragon to send them outside to play. When trouble arrives, it's up to daddy to save his little dragons and maybe teach them a lesson in the process. 

This was such a sweet little book. The colorful illustrations are adorable and eye catching. It's full of fun rhymes and has a sweet storyline. I read this story with my own daughter for nap time and she really enjoyed it. This is definitely a book I would recommend adding to your child's home library. I recommend this book for children ages 2-6 years. 

The Greenbecker Gambit by Ben Graff REVIEW

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