Tuesday, November 23, 2021

2022 Four Moon Reading Challenge

 2022 Four Moon Reading Challenge

Hi everyone, thank you so much for visiting my blog! Today I am beyond excited to be introducing the very first Four Moon Reading Challenge. This is the first reading challenge I've ever created so even if you don't participate I appreciate you even taking the time to visit this post. If you choose to participate and/or post any content on social media please use the hashtag #fourmoonreadingchallenge so I can send some love your way.

Below are a list of the prompts for the challenge. Feel free to do as many or as few of the prompts as you like. Any format of book is perfectly fine. I'm not going to police your reading so if you feel it counts then it counts.

The Challenge will run from January 1 2022 until December 31 2022. If you start a book in 2021 and finish it in 2022 and want to count it that's totally fine. Just have fun!

Without further waiting, here is the prompt list (with explanations where necessary):

1. A book about or involving a lie

2. A book with a moon or stars on the cover

3. A book chosen by a child (this could be literally any book. Children's books, comic books etc.)

4. A book out of season (literally any book that takes place in a season you aren't in when you read it)

5. A book with less than 1000 ratings on GoodReads

6. A book with a beautiful cover

7. A book with an insect on the cover

8. A book that looks like another book you've read (just a book that has a visual similarity to another book you've read at some point in time)

9. Read the first book in a trilogy (does not have to be the same trilogy as prompts 10 & 11)

10. Read the second book in a trilogy (does not have to be the same trilogy as prompts 9 & 11)

11. Read the third book in a trilogy ((does not have to be the same trilogy as prompts 9 & 10)

12. Has less than 3 colors on the cover

13. Newest book on your TBR shelf (the newest book you acquired as a gift  bought yourself or borrowed from the library)

14. On your bookshelf or TBR for 2+ years

15. A book involving a family (could involve any family dynamic)

16. Written by an author you love

17. Written by an author you've never read before

18. A book with a textured cover (where the cover has parts on it that are raised so you can feel them)

19. Flip A Coin (choose two books then flip a coin to see which one to read)

20. Has a number in the title

21. Has your favorite fictitious character in it (could be anything nonhuman that doesn't actually exist in the real world)

22. Read a book about adoption

23. Has your favorite color on the cover

24. Has an interesting title (any book where the title intrigues you)

25. Read a book then leave a review (literally any book where you leave a review, the review can be as long or as short as you want)

26. A book that fits a prompt for another reading challenge

27. A book featuring music

28. A book on a sensitive subject (this is any topic you believe is a sensitive subject, do not read something that is going to trigger you, this is just a reading challenge to try and help broaden your reading)

29. A book that has won the GoodReads Choice Awards (any year, any topic)

30. A retelling

31. A book released 5+ years ago

32. Read a middle grade book

33. A book with an even number of pages

34. A book you bought because of social media

35. A book about or involving cooking 

36. A book with all the colors of the rainbow on the cover (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

37. A book with a 40+ year old main character

38. A book that has pictures

39. Has one of the four elements on the cover (earth, air, water, fire, the sky would work for the air element)

40. A nonfiction book on a person or subject you know nothing about.

I'm sure you noticed there are no queer, poc, indigenous or disability rep as one of the prompts. I didn't add them because you can find representation for all the above groups to fit all of these prompts and I encourage you to do so.

If you've made it to the end, thank you so much for reading. If you decide to participate let me know. I'd love to know what books you're choosing or would recommend for each prompt.

See you on the moon! XO



  1. Sounds like something I could do along with other challenges.

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  2. I’m considering doing it 😀

  3. I'll join! I completed 4 challenges this year and LOVED them. They helped me find so many books I might have missed without the motivation of the prompts or the discussions of other readers. I'm excited!

  4. This challenge looks great! I'm going to be into it to make a dent in my TBR! Thanks for sharing.


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