Monday, September 30, 2019

Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown

Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit
by Jaye Robin Brown
read by Amanda Dolan


Trigger Warning: Homophobia

Joanna Gordon is the openly gay daughter of a preacher. Her dad has always been cool with her sexuality. However, when he marries his third wife, Elizabeth, he takes Joanna and moves to small-town Rome, Georgia with her. With a new place comes and a new start and now all of a sudden her dad is asking her to hide her sexuality from her new in-laws and the people in her new school. Her dad agrees to give her her own radio show if she does it. At first Joanna goes along with the plan, but when she accidentally falls in love with a high society girl, named Mary Carlson, things get a little more complicated. When faced with the choice of her happiness and her dads, Joanna must make a difficult decision that threatens not only her radio show but other delicate family dynamics. 

I really liked Joanna as a main character. I enjoyed her personality and watching her grow and change throughout the course of the story. For me, seeing her struggle with certain choices really made her dimensional. She has her selfish side where she wants what she wants, but also her caring side where she hesitates because she doesn't want to hurt the people she cares about. 

**Spoiler Alert!!**

I loved this story. There is a fair bit of homophobia in this book, but there is also love and acceptance. When Mary Carlson comes out to everyone she loses friends and she isn't accepted by the church. She is however, supported by her family and some of her friends that truly love her. I really liked how once Mary Carlson came out things weren't portrayed as all sunshine and roses. She had to face not being accepted by people who have been a big part of her life for years. 

**End of Spoiler**

Okay, I admit this wasn't a perfect story. There were a couple things that were slight far-fetched and wouldn't really happen. I won't get into what these were as I would end up giving out more detail than I'd like to. Just know, they are there but for me the good qualities outweighed the bad by a lot. 

I thought this story was so cute and fun. It was exactly what I needed to cure my reading slump. It was the kind of read where you just relax and enjoy. To be fair, I did listen to the audiobook version read by Amanda Dolan. She did an amazing job and really brought the story to life for me. If you're looking for just a cute mindless f/f romance then you'd probably enjoy this. 

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